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MEMBERSHIP:  Freedom Collective is private, members only movement, that connects 'people and communities, to provide clarity, trust and transparency for personal growth and evolution, in all areas of their life, which is founded on basis of truth and the theory of natural law.

When a member signs up (and pays a nominal monthly membership fee), they will receive training to cover: Family, Finance, Community, Education, Health, Well Being, Home & Garden. You can start to move forward, by following the lifestyle links.


LAWS & CONTRACTS: The law is simple, and runs throughout your life in all areas, which is why you see a single "learn the law" button on each section. I've used an old site that was created last year to show important (hidden) concepts to learn.


Due to the fact that the statutory system is collapsing, and that the police and the judiciary system are not to be trusted for dispute resolution, births, and marriages, Freedom Collective aims to provide a new systems of reputation and transparency for people in the community.


CONNECTION Freedom Collective aims to connect you with the smartest people on the planet, and in your neighbourhood, to educate your areas of interest, learning the law and navigate you towards a lifestyle path of total freedom. 


Your connections represent your freedom, but also all the other people who are awakened to these agenda's, and who you can lean on in times of need. The goal of the platform is to attract good people who hold 'empathy' and 'integrity'. All narcissists, and other trouble makers (or people with apathy) will be removed from the membership. The galactic war is between US (the humans on the planet) so we need to decipher who is good and evil. 



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